Roya Roya

The works of a journalism student: Roya Manuel-Nekouei

24 Hours as a Conjoined Twin

Through ups and downs, I document alongside my “temporary” twin for a whole 24 hours on the trials and triumphs of pretending to be a conjoined twin.

Wes Cross, Keeping The Memory of Veterans Alive (final)

Miley Cyrus the new Madonna? Madonna the new Marilyn Monroe?

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Popularity of parks in Canada

Our wide, and mainly green country, has many different natural parks to offer. Here is a graph showing the most popular of the crop as well as which ones have a higher population of people. So depending on if you want a park to really rough it out and not come face to face with…

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Daily internet activities

On a typical day, 82% of adult internet users use the internet. Here are some of the things that internet users do on a typical day.

The Voice- The Battles Continue, Part 4

West Cross, Keeping The Memory of Veterans Alive

Top 3 Dogs Around The World

Does climate really effect the type of dog breed that is popular in a certain location or region? It would appear that the answer in simple terms is yes. The weather and usefulness of a dog plays a role when it comes to which dogs are most popular. For countries that don’t require much free…

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Pitch: Religion Vs. The Public

With all the recent talk here in quebec about people’s religious identity, I felt that it would be a good idea to explore two sides of a religious debate that has been ongoing for many years. The site will have three sections; two of the sections will be both sides to having religion apart of…

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